Why College Students Want Targeted Social Ads

Why College Students Want Targeted Social Ads

There has been much controversy revolving around targeted social ads and how they’ve blurred the line between public and private information. While some don’t like the concept of having what they say, and like, and dislike be monitored, it is undeniable that targeted ads are an efficient and accurate way of reaching consumers, and college students have taken a liking to these types of ads as well.

It's believed that millennials don't want ads, they want stories, but like Entrepreneur pointed out, if you give them the right message in the right place at the right time ads can be their best friend. In a study done by Fluent with 1,310 college students age 17 to 24 who are enrolled in a 4-year college or university, 53.4% said that they wanted to click on a Facebook ad because it is for something they need to care about, compared to the 16.01% that would click on an ad only featuring a celebrity they loved.

But what about privacy? When it comes to millennials, the generation making up the majority of college students, growing up with technology has them accustomed to the idea that the internet is monitored, this is not a foreign idea. On the contrary, they expect to see targeted social ads on their page that they are interested in because they are more aware of how the internet and marketing works. They will connect more with a well branded product that they want or need rather than with an unneeded product being sponsored by a celebrity. College students want to see an ad about something they want, something they need, something relevant to them in one way or another.

An ad that is worth thousands of dollars means nothing to the student that is on a mission to find something they may need or want. It all comes down to having the right message in the right place at the right time.


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