Instagram Advertising in 2016

Instagram Advertising in 2016

Instagram is taking the social media advertising space by storm, one photo at a time!  Instagram now has 200,000 advertisers reaching potential new customers though ads that spark the interest of their community and reach.   Instagram users are inspired and discover things they care about on the social media photo platform.   60% of Instagram users say they learn about products and services on Instagram and 75% say they take action after being inspired by a post, such as visiting a website, shopping or searching online.

With eye catching and inspiring content, Instagram advertising results can greatly boost your brand and increase your sales.  Businesses that have been utilizing Instagram are seeing huge increases in their ad recall, reach and sales.

Check out the Facebook Marketing Trends for 2016!

Facebook Marketing Trends for 2016

Facebook Marketing Trends for 2016

Facebook has become a staple in the online marketing industry.   Advertisers are spending more money than ever before on Facebook.  Get ahead of the pack and learn more about Facebook marketing trends of 2016 now!


Though Google is still the largest online advertising platform, Facebook is quickly catching up, with $17.08 billion spent in 2015, a 48.6% increase!  Facebook now has 1.59 billion users that can be targeted by both brand and direct response advertising.

Mobile is King 

If your website looks or works poorly on mobile after a user clicks your ad, the conversion rates will undoubtable drop drastically.   The mobile ad spend worldwide will be bigger than desktop for the first time this year.

How to Manage Social Media Ads 

Facebook releases new features for advertisers on almost a daily basis and those who utilize them first will win big.  For example, the dynamic retargeting with cross-sell and upsell feature will allow you to increase your average order value or life-time value of your existing clients.

If Facebook is new to your company or you would like to expand your reach on social media, World Web Partners is here to help!

Why Choose World Web Partners to Create and Manage your Social Media Campaigns?

  • We are on top of any new developments on Social Media and can monitor and optimize your campaigns to ensure you are getting the most for your dollar.
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