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Don’t Get Hung Up on Skype: Free Video Conferencing Options

Don’t Get Hung Up on Skype: Free Video Conferencing Options

After a global outage of Skype, the company issued this statement on their website:

“We're a bit overloaded right now...Please try again later, or download Skype to use it anytime.”

However, they should have mentioned that for the right price, you could log into your account since all of the business customers who pay for usage still had access. Needless to say the nearly 214 billion customers were upset, and expressed their anger on social media networks. Although Skype has been on the up and up for nearly a decade now, Microsoft purchased the company in 2011. Ironically, just a few years later, it suffers from a major crash. The customers virtually doubled within these years, but what good is a company if there is no real meat and potatoes to its software? Microsoft claims to be ‘empowering us all’ with its fierce slogan. However, everything it seems to touch goes down in flames. Although people can simply call friends and family all around the world with a basic telephone, Skype is popular for talking and video chatting. Some members use the website strictly for business, and avoid giving their personal numbers or even work information to clients. However, as an unreliable website with an owner that is unable to manage the quality of the project, people may want to look for another source of communication. Some better websites include the following:

The free video conferencing world is about to shift. Skype as we know it is about to lose millions, if not billions, of customers. FaceTime by Apple is another possible alternative to Skype, if you have an iPhone or iPad. This is perfect for friend and family members, but may not be ideal for business partners. Regardless of whatever option you choose, Skype is not the only way of video conferencing.

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