Benefits of PPC

While search engine optimization (SEO) offers long-term success in terms of driving consistent and relevant traffic to your website, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is effective in attracting site visitors relatively quickly.

Many SEO professionals integrate PPC ad campaigns into their service packages, allowing organic, targeted SEO to engage and retain the visitors who reach your site via PPC. Unlike general advertising campaigns, PPC advertising targets your customers, using specific keywords and phrases. These ads are placed on content sites, blogs, websites, and search engine results pages (SERP). Your ad is displayed on the SERP when the searcher enters any of your chosen keywords. Your fee is based on the number of clicks or ad views. Depending on the effectiveness of the results, you can change your bid amounts, ad copy, keywords, or other parameters. Like other marketing and advertising initiatives, PPC can be a robust component of your overall campaign. The benefits of PPC advertising highlight its strengths:

  • Agility and speed: While natural SEO campaigns take time to develop, create, and yield results, a PPC campaign can be brought to market quickly. By utilizing strong keywords that target your market, you can generate increased web traffic, qualified leads, and conversions to sales.
  • Focused web traffic: The use of targeted keywords with different sets of ad copy allows you to reach specific demographics most effectively.
  • Keyword testing: A PPC campaign allows you to test the efficacy of specific keywords at a fairly low cost. Monitoring your report results gives you the information needed to identify which keywords and phrases lead to initial and repeat traffic, as well as conversions to sales. Likewise, keywords that do not attract clickthroughs can be discarded.
  • Deeper Keyword Targeting: Related to keyword testing is the ability to connect a large number of keywords to a relatively small website. While natural SEO supports keywords that appear in your content, PPC can accommodate an extensive list of targeted keywords.
  • Maximize Return on Ad Spend: Due to the fact that you only pay when an ad receives a clickthrough, your result’s reports also provide valuable information pertaining to your return on investment. By tracking which ads, days and times, and landing pages yield the best results, you have access to more reliable data than other customer referral strategies can provide.
  • Branding visibility: When PPC ads generate improved website traffic, your company’s online profile is enhanced within your industry and the general population.
  • Geographic targeting: As with geographic SEO, PPC ads that are tied to geography can enhance your ad revenue. A business can appeal to potential customers within its city, state, or region. Smaller businesses that want to expand their reach can launch a global ad campaign, bringing brand awareness to areas that cannot be accessed with print or broadcast advertising.

While a lively PPC campaign can bring a rush of traffic to your website, the quality of your site is crucial to keeping them there. A website offering fresh content attracts and retains visitors over the long run. These visitors are likely to share your links on social media, further expanding your potential customer base considerably.

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