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TCPA Guidelines

This past October, the entire education lead generation sector was affected by the implementation of the new compliance protocol: the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (or TCPA).  The U.S. Federal Communications Commission created this act to prohibit calls made to mobile telephone numbers using automated technology or prerecorded voices, without the prior express consent of the called party.

So why did this make such large impact on the industry?  Well to start, all for-profit colleges and universities, that use any means of marketing, had to ensure they were compliant and in turn, their lead generation partners did, too.  One wrong word or slip up on a call, may fail to comply with the TCPA Act, which could eventually turn into a legal matter.  So lead generation companies everywhere actively worked to ensure they were up to par.  Call centers had to change their scripts, opt-in languages had to be added to all forms of marketing and lead auditing systems such as LeadiD were suddenly a hot ticket item.

Now that several months have passed and everyone is up to date, the urgency of TCPA isn’t there but it remains prevalent in this industry.  We at World Web Partners take compliance very seriously and understand that it is a key element of brand integrity and a core part of our clients’ business.

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